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Chips Lay's Nature - 135g translates to "Lay's Nature Chips - 135g" in English.


The favorite chips of the French The best-selling brand of chips in the market, according to NielsenIQ, has a volume market share in the HMSM chips category for the period from September 13, 2021, to September 11, 2022. Since 1932, Lay's has put all its expertise into providing you with chips so delicious that they have become your favorite! Lay's quality? It all starts with our partner farmers who carefully select their potatoes. The secret of our recipe lies in just 3 ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil, and a pinch of salt. Our chips are without artificial colors or preservatives, like all other chip brands on the market. The bag is made from 50% materials of plant origin, according to a mass balance. This means that an amount equivalent to 50% of the components of the bag comes from plant sources. We support the use of plant-based materials in our packaging by investing in certified supply chains that use renewable materials instead of fossil materials. Plant-based plastics are mixed with other plastics during the production process, following the principle of mass balance. We purchase an amount of certified ISCC plant-based materials equivalent to 50% of the materials in this packaging. These materials can also be used in other types of packaging. For more information, visit https://lays.fr/our-commitments. The composition of the products may vary within the European Union, for more details, visit www.info.pepsico.eu.


List of ingredients: Potatoes (65%), vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, corn in varying proportions), and salt.

Conservation tips

Product storage instructions: In order to maintain the flavor and crispy texture of the chips, please keep them away from light and consume them within 7 days after opening.

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