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Chips Lay's Nature - 295g translates to "Lay's Nature Chips - 295g" in English.


A traditional way of preparing potato chips as thin and crispy as in the old days. Slow cooking. The good taste of tradition. Very thin slices of potatoes. We highlight our French farmers to guarantee such delicious chips. The selection of our potatoes is at the heart of our commitments. All ingredients are 100% quality. Our partner farmers perpetuate their agricultural know-how and are proud to provide Lay's with potatoes of unique and savory taste. Authentic since 1932. Discover our authentic recipes. When Lay's® combines its unmatched expertise since 1932 with the know-how of its partner farmers, it gives chips with a deliciously authentic taste and crispiness. Lay's® quality in only 3 ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oil, and a hint of salt.


Ingredients: Two-thirds of potatoes, mixed with a variety of vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, corn), and a small amount of salt.

Conservation tips

Instructions for preserving the product: In order to maintain the flavor and crispness of the chips, it is recommended to store them in a place protected from light and consume them within 7 days after opening.

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