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Lay's Natural Wavy Potato Chips Salt - 120g


LAY'S MAX NATURE SEL: Terribly crunchy and flavorful plain potato chips. LAY'S MAX, MAXI CRUNCH FOR MAX TASTE: Lay's MAX, the range of wavy chips from Lay's. Whether plain, barbecue flavor, herb chicken flavor, American burger sauce, or mustard pickles flavor, indulge in an explosion of flavors! Lay's Max, your Maxi crunchy chips for MAX taste. CHIPS TO ENJOY EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY: For an aperitif, during a picnic, at a summer barbecue, or on the go to complement a sandwich: Lay's accompanies you at each of these moments with its deliciously flavored snacks!


Ingredients: potatoes, vegetable oils (sunflower, rapeseed, corn in varying proportions), salt

Conservation tips

Product storage information: To preserve the full flavor and crunchiness of the chips, keep them away from light and consume within 7 days after opening.

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