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Bret's Braised Chicken Crisps - 125g


Our bestseller with the inimitable taste of roast chicken of the weekend! The super crunchy braised chicken evokes these good moments of tasting and conviviality around a wood fire or a barbecue. / Bret's: quality made simple: French potatoes, cooked in sunflower oil, a pinch of salt, fair and authentic tastes and that's it! / Bret's: a civic commitment. We are a family business involved in the economic development of our region. / Thanks to our farmers: 265 Breton farmers are committed to Bret's for the quality of our potatoes and the reduction of treatments in the fields. / Bret's preserves the environment: Thanks to the management of water and local supplies, we act daily to improve our carbon footprint. / Produced in Brittany / Made in France


Ingredients: Potatoes (France) (61%), sunflower oil (34%), flavoring base Braised chicken [flavoring (wheat), powdered chicken meat], salt. Possible traces of: milk, celery, mustard.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Packaged in a protective atmosphere. Store away from heat and humidity

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