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Maggi Madeira jelly 2 sachets - 48g


MAGGI chefs have developed a culinary preparation for Madeira jelly that brings freshness, taste and texture to your dishes without the need for salt. The ingredients of this MAGGI jelly have been rigorously selected. They are then carefully mixed based on a recipe developed by a chef.


Ingredients: Ingredients: Beef gelatin 43%, cooking salt, sugar, mineral salt (potassium), flavourings, coloring: ordinary caramel; Madeira wine extract 0.2%*, alcohol vinegar, white wine extract, natural pepper flavouring, thyme extract. *equivalent to 2.2 g of Madeira wine used for 100 g of dehydrated product. May contain: eggs, milk, gluten, celery.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a cool, dry place.

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