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Dehydrated Maggi Vegetable Kub Broth - x10 - 105g


Discover the KUB DUO Vegetables + Herbs double layer broth from the MAGGI market! THE small gesture that changes everything, thanks to the perfect combination of a vegetable broth and aromatic herbs. This broth will bring a fresher and more intense taste to all your dishes and will embellish them thanks to its many highlights. The little extra: it is 100% vegetable*! Tip: ideal for your vegetable soups and risottos! * Does not contain ingredients of animal origin.


Ingredients: Ingredients: Iodized salt, sugar, vegetables 12.1%: carrot 6.8%, onion 5%, tomato; starch, palm oil*, mineral salt (potassium chloride), flavourings, salt, parsley 1.5%, yeast extract, sunflower oil, leek and CELERY extracts, turmeric. *100% from responsible plantations. May contain: EGGS, MILK, GLUTEN.

Conservation tips

Product Storage Information: Store in a cool, dry place.

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