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Small jar Blédina 6 months Fruit cocktail - 4x130g


With its smooth texture, this little jar is ideal for baby's first spoonfuls and for introducing them to the taste of fruit in a recipe that combines several fruits. Blédina fruits are specially grown for toddlers, according to very strict rules, and are carefully picked according to the seasons! 80% of our ingredients are French on average in our range of jars!


Ingredients: Ingredients: Apple puree 57.0% - Pear puree 30.0% - Banana puree 8.00% - Pineapple puree 5.00% - Antioxidant: Ascorbic acid - Concentrated lemon juice* - * presence in function of fruit acidity

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Before opening, store at room temperature in a clean, dry place. After opening, the closed jar can be kept for a maximum of 48 hours in the refrigerator.

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