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Crave chicken terrine For adult dogs - 300g


Complete wet food for adult dogs (1 year and over) – Chicken and Turkey Tray. CRAVE™ terrines for dogs are made with 65% ingredients of animal origin to help maintain muscle mass. Inspired by primitive dog food, CRAVE™ recipes are made with high-quality animal protein for a taste dogs love. Grain-free, CRAVE™ wet food is also suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion. Prepared with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives added; free of ingredients that may cause sensitivities in some dogs, such as corn, wheat, soy protein and dairy.


Ingredients: Composition: chicken 27% (necks, ground and boneless chicken, liver, hearts), turkey 26% (ground and boneless turkey, liver, hearts), pork 14% (ground and boneless pork, hearts), mineral substances, concentrate chicken broth (0.5% equivalent to 28% chicken broth), dehydrated beet pulp.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Once opened, can be stored for 2 days in the refrigerator.

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