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Organic Compote Pom'Potes Materne Apple - 4x90g


Pom’Potes® Bio, organic and tasty recipes! Delight your children with Pom'Potes® Bio, the fruity and fun snack to take away! • Pom'Potes® Bio, these are tasty recipes made with good organic fruits. Cocorico, our apples are 100% French Origin! • Pom'Potes® Bio is committed to a healthy snack: our recipes have no added sugar (in accordance with regulations, they only contain sugars naturally present in fruit), Nutriscore A.


Ingredients: apple from France* 99.9%, concentrated lemon juice* (if necessary to regulate acidity), antioxidant: ascorbic acid. *from organic farming

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Unopened: can be stored at room temperature After opening: keep refrigerated at +4°C and consume within 24 hours

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