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Cat Chicken Terrine Sheba Trays - 6x37.5g


Complete wet food for adult cats - With Chicken. Thanks to their delicate texture, this selection of luxury terrines for cats, carefully crafted with the flavors they prefer, will make your cat purr with pleasure. Each Sheba® Perfect Portions™ Deluxe Cat Terrine is prepared with quality ingredients in an easy-to-use format. The trays, lids and cardboard box are recyclable. Sheba®'s Perfect Portions™ range offers you delicious recipes that are always freshly served in the perfect size to portion your cat's meals. Offer a delicious experience with these exceptional recipes every day and share even more complicity with your feline. Cat food developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians at the WALTHAM® research center - The world's leading reference for the nutrition and well-being of companion animals.


Ingredients: Meat and animal by-products (57%, including chicken 4%), minerals, sugars.

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Once opened, can be stored for 2 days in the refrigerator.

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