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Capsules L'Or Espresso Delizioso n°5 - x20 - 104g


L'OR Espresso DELIZIOSO capsule coffee is a velvety espresso with a refined character. Moderately roasted, it develops soft and subtle notes. Format: pack of 20 capsules. Orange color. Intensity level: 5. L'OR Espresso capsules are compatible with your L'OR BARISTA ® or Nespresso ®* coffee machine. Fragrant, rich and aromatic, coffee lovers appreciate the sweetness and fruity taste of L'OR coffee. Without doubt the best coffee in the world. Whether you like it tight, espresso or long, the aluminum capsule allows you to preserve its aromas. Our aluminum capsules are made in France. They can be recycled in selective sorting bins for municipalities that recycle small aluminum packaging or by depositing them in one of the many aluminum capsule collection points available. *Brand belonging to a third party not related to Jacobs Douwe Egberts


Ingredients: Ingredients: Coffee

Conservation tips

Product storage information: Store these coffee capsules preferably in a dry place at room temperature.

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