Signal Extra Soft Sensitivity Toothbrush - x1


The Protection Sensitivity Extra Soft toothbrush was developed with dental experts for sensitive teeth with a dual-benefit cleaning: gentle on enamel and gums, and effective against dental plaque. Dental sensitivity can be a sign of damage to the protective mineral layer of enamel, exposing the dentin. Brushing too aggressively can then cause pain. The Protection Sensitivity toothbrush features ultra-soft tapered bristles of 0.01 mm for gentle cleaning and effective plaque removal. Its small precision head and long curved handle are specifically designed to reach difficult areas and ensure efficient plaque removal to prevent the causes of dental sensitivity. Signal is committed to reducing its environmental impact: the packaging of this toothbrush contains 81% recycled materials. We are proud to use recycled plastic, which is why the handles of our toothbrushes may have some imperfections. At Signal, we believe your smile is an expression of your personality and confidence. Our mission: to improve everyone's oral health so that each of us can unleash the power of our smile. Signal has been supporting the French since 1961 by teaching good habits from a young age and demonstrating the importance of brushing twice a day, morning and evening, and regularly changing toothbrushes. Mindful of protecting the planet, we are taking steps to limit the environmental impact of our products. With Signal, every smile counts!

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