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Baby evening meal Blédichef 12 months Semolina with carrot - 230g


As an expert in diversified food for over 100 years, Blédina is here to help you prepare all your baby's meals. Our goal is to stimulate their curiosity for healthy eating with over 250 recipes developed by nutritionists and perfectly adapted to their needs. Discover Blédina Blédichef - Carrot and Semolina Purée from 12 months old. This delicious combination of sweet carrots and fine semolina is perfect for a gentle meal with BLEDICHEF.


Ingredients: Carrots (37.0%) - Cooking water - Potatoes - Cooked durum wheat semolina (9.00%, contains gluten) - Onions - Corn starch - Celery (celery) - Cream (2.00%, contains milk) - Corn - Vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower) - Salt - Thyme - Black pepper - Bay leaf. May contain traces of soybeans and mustard.

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