Tigex Collector narrow neck bottle - 330ml


The Air Control range makes breastfeeding easier thanks to its Air Control teat equipped with 3 speeds. This 3-speed system adapts to baby's appetite and feeding rhythm. In addition, with the anti-colic valve of the pacifier, baby swallows less air which reduces the risk of colic. Bottle fitted with an Air Control teat: - 3 speeds (provides a variable flow): place the speed under the baby's nose to obtain the desired flow (1-2 or 3). - Extra-soft texture: like mother's skin for contact and intuitive feeding - Anti-colic valve: regulates the entry of air, which reduces the risk of colic - Anatomical shape: close to the maternal breast Bottle features: - Leak-proof cap: mix and transport without risk of leakage with a flat head to put the cap upside down - tightening ring that perfectly fits the teat - curved shape making it easier to grip - 330 milliliters in PP (polypropylene) - Narrow base silicone teat - Size: +6 months, infant milk - Blue decor - EN 14350 - BPA free (according to current regulations) - Made in Germany


Ingredients: PP / silicone

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