Always Ultra Normal Sanitary Pads Size 1 - x14


Say yes to triple protection: Always Ultra Normal (Size 1) Sanitary Pads with Wings use the latest technology to create a multifunctional pad with 3 dimensions of protection. The InstantAbsorb system absorbs liquid in seconds and draws moisture away from your skin. Anti-Leak technology retains liquid and helps prevent leaks. They also feature OdorBlock technology that neutralizes odors, so you feel fresh during your period. With Always Ultra, you can feel confident all day long. Never compromise on performance, enjoy triple protection with Always. Approved by Skin Health Alliance dermatologists. Try Always Ultra Secure Night Extra Sanitary Pads with Wings, Always the perfect fit for nighttime protection. Find the pad that's right for you with Always MyFit, a personalized sizing system that helps you find the best ALWAYS protection during your period, based on your flow and lingerie size.


Ingredients: Not Available

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