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Friskies Meat & Vegetables 12x100g Boxes


The 5 Promises of FRISKIES® Since the moment you welcomed your dog into your home, you made a promise, a commitment to take care of him and feed him properly. At FRISKIES®, we have also made this promise. For over 50 years, FRISKIES® has nourished generations of happy and healthy dogs with delicious and high-quality food. It is an important responsibility. Like you, at FRISKIES®, we value our commitments and we have 5 promises that are dear to us: 1) Nutrition: A tasty and complete recipe that is 100% formulated with a blend of animal and plant proteins, such as cereals. 2) Quality: Daily checks are carried out throughout our production process. 3) Expertise: All our products are developed by PURINA nutritionists. 4) Traceability: Our recipes are prepared with high-quality ingredients, carefully selected from trusted suppliers. 5) Our commitment for 2025: We are committed to making our packaging 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025. All FRISKIES® recipes are free of artificial colorants, flavors, and preservatives.


Ingredients: For lamb and green bean jelly: Meat and animal products (including 4% lamb), Cereals, Vegetables (0.9% dehydrated green beans, equivalent to 8% green beans), Minerals, Sugars For beef and carrot jelly: Meat and animal products (including 4% beef), Cereals, Vegetables (0.8% dehydrated carrots, equivalent to 7.2% carrots), Minerals, Sugars For chicken and pea jelly: Meat and animal products (including 4% chicken), Cereals, Vegetables (1.2% dehydrated peas, equivalent to 10.8% peas), Minerals, Sugars

Conservation tips

Product storage instructions: The product must be stored in a cool and dry place.

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